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Staging Vacant Homes

Home Staging is both part art and part science. It is marketing, with the goal of helping you sell your home. And Home Staging works. Studies have consistently shown that staged homes spend 78% less time on the market than unstaged homes, even in the difficult market of 2009 (from the Consumers Guide to Real Estate Staging, RESA).

Our staff of trained professionals can assist you in staging any vacant home. After visiting the property, within 24 hours we will generate a free estimate based on your specific needs. Our extensive inventory of furniture and accessories allows us to tailor the presentation of your home to your prospective buyers. Call us today to set up your free estimate for staging.

Included in our initial estimate is delivery and pickup, selection of furnishings, design and placement, and the first 30 days of furniture rental for the furniture and accessories. After the initial 30 days. each month of furniture and rental accessories is billed at about 40% of the initial price. Because we stage on a room-by-room basis, we can maximize your real estate investment and put your best house forward, while staying within your budget.

Staged by Design will work to accommodate you. Whether you want one room staged or a whole house staged, our team of friendly professionals will work to meet your needs in staging your vacant home. Let us help you sell your home; call us today.

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