Thank you, Stacy. I saw the photos and am thrilled with not only your amazing responsiveness but also with how lovely the house looked after your staging. It's been a delight to work with you, and I appreciate your assistance with the various complications caused by our being overseas.
Warm regards,
Lisbon, Portugal

Everyone loves the staging at the house. So much so in the last few days a lot of agents have taken either your business card or 3x5 card for all the work you guys did. . . Again thank you for a job well done and well beyond the above and beyond on Customer Service.

The house looks wonderful! You folks did a great job with the staging.

I just wanted to let you know that your staging at the Mason Lake house was superb.; Every time I went to the house, I noticed a new and deeper level of sophistication in the colors, patterns, and materials. An example is those living-room lamps.  The lamps’ spirals of black wrought iron resonated perfectly with the great room’s spiral staircase. Also, I was stunned by the way you finessed the segue of colors from the frightening mauve of the kitchen counters to the browns and earth tones of the first-floor staging.  Excellent!

The combination of interior design recommendations - color and floor coverings worked perfectly with the furnishings selected. Your service transformed my house . . .

Loved the furniture and the responsivness. I would use your services again.
Thank you

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